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It is not good when your invoices remain unpaid. You face capital loss and it is our intend to help by not to occur high costs that normal debt collection agencies ask with slogans and examples like: ‘no cure no pay’ and ‘commissions’ like success fees or ‘no win, no fee’. That is not your benefit at all!

That is why we have a special policy and aim to recover the whole debt (invoice amount, interest and costs) from your debtor.


We provide the amical phase without costs for your account, thus: FREE OF CHARGE! No costs for you at all, never. By full recovery you will get immediate payment of the invoiced amount.


We provide the order for payment (legal) phase for a special tariff and depends on the country in whom your debtor is located. The costs that appear are fixed fees by law in the country your debtor is located (administration fee and court costs)! By full recovery you will get immediate payment of the invoiced amount.

For your extra information: we can also provide you with credit report and check the debtors company. When we do so, upon your request, we do make costs and those will be discussed upfront. Nevertheless we guarantee that we are linked to a major network and can get the most competitive, low cost and highly quality, credit report with all financials of your client.


We will never charge you with a % of the debt by recovery (amical or legal)!!!
We will always discuss and give full insight in the costs that appear in legal phase or by credit reports!!!

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